Trinidad Birdwatching Tour

Complete Picture List

There's a lot of pictures so we've divided them into categories. If you'd like to see the birds, or the flowers, or the hike to the oilbirds, scroll right down to those sections. You may have seen some of the pictures already in the text. The categories ...

Around Asa Wright Nature Centre

Birds and other animals

Flowers and other plants

Hike to the oilbird cave


At the coast

Rainforest and other scenic views

Nariva and Caroni Swamps


Tobago images

The last three days of our trip were in Tobago, which has its own rainforest and indigenous birds. The Blue Waters Inn looked across the bay at Little Tobago, a nature reserve with a dry terrain and nesting seabirds. We also hiked the interior rainforest and the southern marshes and fields.

Birding in Trinidad: trip report

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